149. Miguel’s ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’

I used to feel bad for Miguel. He’s the third banana on the R&B internet, behind Frank Ocean and Weeknd in estimation and critical attention, and doomed to be the guy behind them, even though his music is just as great.

But then you begin to realize that he isn’t a left-field R&B guy trying to crack the mainstream. He’s a mainstream R&B dude who is actually weirder than the Weeknd. The idea that Miguel is out in the world, making legitimate hit singles like “Adorn” and making weird ass albums like Kaleidoscope Dream, is one of the best things going in pop music right now. He’s had real success; not just hyperlinks. And for that reason, he’s maybe the most under the radar great one in music right now. I don’t feel bad for Miguel anymore.   

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