151. Mos Def’s ‘Black On Both Sides’

City where I bought this album: Montreal

Amount of time it took the record store clerk to find the record—this was a store where they kept the records apart from the sleeves for some reason—after I came to the counter, because he didn’t know where the hip-hop section was because hardly anyone bought hip-hop records at this store: 11 minutes

Time I spent explaining how good this album is to a dude from Belgium later that day: 11 minutes

Times my friend Graham said, “Hey, you know what’s a hip-hop album that is actually good? Black on Both Sides” when we were drunk: Once.

Times this guy at a wedding, who said he “Hated rap music,” told me Black on Both Sides is the first rap album he ever cared about: Once.

Amount of times I said I liked Mos’s second album better than this in a blog post, and realized I was fucking dumb for that about a year later: Once.

Number of the “hottest negros in los Estados Unidos” on this album: Two

The degree to which this is a better solo album than anything Talib Kweli has done as a solo artist: (Incalculable)

How insane it is that this went gold in 2000: Really insane

How seriously this should be considered for best album art ever: Seriously. It’s a 360 shot of his head, including the back cover.

Ass so fat: That you can see it from the front

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