156. Willie Nelson’s ‘Stardust’

Your first wife, Martha, once sewed you up in a bedsheet while you were asleep and beat you with a broomstick. Was she a particularly crafty woman, or were you just a really bad husband?”

“Oh, it was a combination of both. She was a very classy, ingenious, brilliant lady, and I was a problem at times.”

That’s Willie Nelson, telling the New York Times about his ex-wife. This is maybe my favorite quote from any interview in the last five years. You sort of have this idea of Willie Nelson as a nice old man, a milquetoast old guy who just sings gentle songs and smokes gentle weed. But this quote makes you realize that behind the songs, he’s lived a crazier life than any crazy modern musician. This motherfucker got sewed into a bed and beaten with a broom by a woman, AND HE ACKNOWLEDGED THAT HE PROBABLY DESERVED IT.

Willie Nelson is gully as fuck. Willie Nelson is tougher than Tupac and Biggie combined. Willie Nelson gets bad bitches. Willie Nelson is the truest G on earth.

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