155. The National’s ‘High Violet’

I saw the National twice on their High Violet tour, once in Milwaukee, and once in Madison, at a show that the band played a whole 4 hours after they opened for a huge rally for Barack Obama. Can you imagine playing a show opening for the president, and then walking four blocks down and playing for a sold out theater crowd? It was probably the best day any of the dudes in the National could have hoped for. They talked about it onstage a bunch, and they were clearly still blown away by the whole thing.

It made me realize how weird it must be to be the dudes in the National; they were already older when they broke through, and now they were playing for the president. All of the dudes had day jobs, and now they were playing for the president. It makes you hope that someday you’ll get to do something as awesome as play for the president, while you spend these early years toiling away doing shit you don’t want to do.  

154. The National’s ‘Boxer’

I was looking for some kind of quote about the National to use here, because it’s been a while since I’ve used that particular trope of post-making, and I found out there is a Tumblr devoted entirely to the National. It is called Fuck Yeah! The National. It’s pretty perfect, and its existence says more about the impact of albums like Boxer than I possible could. So here’s a link: http://fuckyeahthenational.tumblr.com/